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Hendrik Jan Zandbergen

combines an entrepreneurial background with extensive experience in consulting and (project) management. After graduation in Business studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, he started as a self-employed consultant for small and midsize companies. In 2000 he joined a consulting firm where he was involved in assignments for companies including Stork, RAI, LeasePlan and Essent. Meanwhile Hendrik Jan published articles on the subject of Strategic Alliances. In 2004 Hendrik Jan founded Lebrowsky with Marc Donckers.

Hendrik Jan has a strong pragmatic approach in analyzing and solving problems. When implementing solutions chosen, he is very focused to achieve the envisaged results, taking into account the interests of the various stakeholders.

Marc Donckers

Grew up in a family of small-business owners. After studying physics in Leiden and spending a year at IBM in the USA, Marc joined Akzo Nobel. There, he was consecutively marketing manager and general manager of the Photonics business unit, a new business, with activities in the Netherlands, California and Japan. Following the sale of the photonics business to a major telecom components supplier, Marc joined a small consulting firm, where he played a leading role in major strategy and business development assignments for companies including Philips, Shell, ABN Amro, Akzo Nobel and DSM. In the 3 years prior to founding Lebrowsky, Marc worked for Royal Friesland Foods, where he was instrumental in creating growth strategies for several of the operating companies.

Marc combines strong analytical skills with the ability to reduce complex problems to the essence, and subsequently to initiate and manage the adequate actions.


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